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This program is offered in cooperation with Certified and Retired Alaska Teachers.

Our programs have been rated the best in Alaska check us out on the news
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Covid 19 Policy     Registration Directions      Payment Policy
We must have both your payment and registration form complete in order to reserve your space. Please click the link above and read our payment policy before you pay. Refunds only apply in extreme circumstances and if another student is able to attend the reservation you wish to cancel. We are unable to refund processing fees. This is about $15 per registration.

AFTER FILLING OUT YOUR REGISTRATION PLEASE CHECK YOUR EMAIL for your confirmation, camp address and information. If you do not see it right away please check your junk and spam folders as well.

Periodically we set aside a few spots in low enrollement weeks for our flash sales. These are sales offered during a limited time frame in which the registration and the payment must be recieved during the sales dates.

Privately reserved summer camp weeks must have 10 students minimum. If you have registered a private week and any parent does not pay for thier student we will need to fill those spots with other students. Your balance for your privately scheduled week must be paid in full 2 weeks prior to your camp week. At such time empty spots will be posted online for the public to register.
Parents at Camp Homeschool Direct Pay
Animal Adventures Program

( please accept our apologies for the small increase in price. On 5/21/2021 we became aware of an increase in our operating costs of $50 per student. Dont worry we are not passing on that entire amount to you. However we are asking parents to pay $15 more for our full week and half week options and $10 for our 2 day and single day options. If you have already paid the old pricing you will not be asked to pay any additional amount. The increase will apply to only new registrations that occur after 5-21-2021)

The More you go the more you save!

If you register for any 1, 2 or 3 days of any given week and decide you would like to attend the rest of the week the additional cost is that of the added program. "The more you come the more you save Discount" is reserved for those that register for the full week program in advance. Processing fees are non refundable.

5 days $330 $66 per day
3 Days $220 $73 per day
2 days $160 $80 per day
1 day $90

(4 Days may be available by request $79 per day)
horse camp

Our most popular program for 4-12.

Monday-Friday 9:30-2:30

This is the best animal science program in the state and has been featured on Channel 2 news. Located on one of the original Dairy Farms in Palmer

All lessons follow a montessori age appropriate phylosophy. Kids will have access to all science lessons and will be taught in a way geared specifically towards thier age and abilities.
Click Here to watch Channel 2 News segment

  • Taught by Certified Teachers
  • Each day has a specific science focus related to farm animals.
  • Lessons follow a Montessori approach and capture the essence that children not only learn better but also enjoy learning by doing.
  • Using goats milk learn the chemistry of lotion making
  • Learn the Science behind fibers, shear a sheep and make a finished felted project
  • Learn all about bone structures, digestive systems and how animals live and eat all while interacting with animals throughout the day
  • Bottle Feed Babies
  • Exposes younger children ages 4-6 to horse involvment and so much more!
  • learn to ride a horse ages 6 and up

  • We do not limit what a child can learn. The sky is the limit! Following the natural curiousity of kids, lessons often reach beyond the lesson plan as kids interact and ask questions throughout thier time at camp.

    To register for camp select your choosen week on the right enter at least one camper name in the box so we can match your payment with your registration form. After paying for your camp week fill out your registratin form. Both your payment and registration form must be received in order to reserve your spot at camp.

    Registration Form
    The date you have paid for is on your paypal receipt that has been emailed to you. You will not receive a welcome email until after you have filled out the registration form. The registration is not the same as your payment. You must use an email that you can receive emails at. Please check your spam and junk folders. The welcome email is the written text in the email you receive after you register. It is not the link to your copy of your registration. You will recieve an email that contains a welcome note and a link to a copy of your registration form. The link does expire, but the text in the welcome email is always available to you. I apologize for any confusion. Thank you

    Periodically we set aside a few spots in low enrollement weeks for our flash sales. These are sales offered during a limited time frame in which the registration and the payment must be recieved during the sales dates.

    STOP! You must pay here ( below select the add to cart button) and you must register by filling out this form Registration Form

    If you need help with this click Here Registration Directions

    August 8-12 $330
    Name of Child
    Name of additional children
    August 8 $90
    Name of Child
    Name of additional children
    August 9 $90
    Name of Child
    Name of additional children
    August 9-12 $316
    Name of Child
    Name of additional children
    August 8-10 $220
    Name of Child
    Name of additional children
    August 10-12 $220
    Name of Child
    Name of additional children
    August 11-12 $160
    Name of Child
    Name of additional children

    Our summer camp is closed on weekends. We are open Monday-Friday 9:30am-2:30pm by phone. Camp is physically open to campers only during posted camp sessions see above dates. While we understand that we now live in an instant contact and social media directed atmosphere we ask that you be patient and understanding with our teachers and staff members and please remember that they too have families and lives away from work just as you do. Most of the time we can respond to text messages, facebook messages and calls on the weekends and after hours but that is not always the case. Thanks so much for being kind and gracious and understanding that we are people too.


    Payment Policy. **Please only make your selection when you are ready. Due to the limited space in each camp week we can not offer refunds once you have purchased your week at camp. If you choose to not attend for any reason you will not be given a refund. We ask families to be honest and ethical and understand that once you have chosen to attend camp we are relying on that income to feed our family of both people and critters. If you are unsure about attending camp please make your other scheduling arrangements first before scheduling with us. In extreme circumstances related to hospitalization you may be eligible for a partial refund minus $160 deposit if another student is able to register for the spot you have reserved, and we have reached the capacity of 12 students. If no other student fills your spot you are responsible for the full tuition.

    We do not tolerate bullying in our programs, this includes bullying by parents towards our staff.

    We encourage kids to work out differences during camp and only involve parents when a child or children are unwilling to work out these differencs and continue to be beligerant towards our staff or other children. If your child is asked to leave camp due to a behavioural issue we do not offer a refund of any kind.

    We do not tolerate Parents that bully our staff. If you make threats to our staff in any way. If you threaten to slander us on social media or make an attempt in any way to intimidate our teachers to get your way you will be asked to leave and your child will need to leave with you. You will not be give a refund of any kind.

    COVID updated policy: Due to the recent approval and recommendation that ages 6 month and older get vaccinated many school districts are no longer requiring schools to close when there is a positive covid test. We are following the same reccomendations. Unless your child is showing symptoms of illness there is no reason to test. If they are showing symptoms and test positive we ask that you keep your child home. We will notify camp parents of the exposure and leave camp attendence up to the descreation of the parents. Mardena and I are not concerned about exposure to ourselves. As educators we have been teaching during the entire covid situation taking precautions when neccessary. If you are concerned about your child and exposure we recommend you keep your child home. We are unable to offer refunds for unattended camp dates at this time.

    **We are unable to refund processing fees that are a result of an error made by the registering party. If some one else is supposed to pay for your session with us please check with them before you choose to pay. If we recieve 2 payments for the same student we will refund the second payee/payment minus the credit card processing fees. Processing fees include our staffs time addressing why we have to refund a payment in addtion to any fees that Paypal retains for your transaction.

    There is a $30 fee for insufficient funds written on a check. Please understand that we are charged if your check does not clear.

    If you have ever cancelled on online payment to us, cancelled a check or had a check not clear for any reason, your tuition will be due in cash at the time of registration and prior to your students attendance and will include any unpaid balance. If the payment is not recieved within 1 day of the request your students place at camp will not be held.

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    Located next to the Fair Grounds in Palmer.


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